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We want to live the original barbecue idea and it does not take much:
high-quality material, well thought-out craftsmanship, the best food and passionate barbecue fans!
Very important to us is the issue of sustainability – because our grills do not need to be replaced every two years, but guarantee long-lasting barbecue fun for special demands!

Experience a new dimension of grilling with fun on fire!

Corten steel patina look

enchants with its warm, iridescent red/brown tones, can be effortlessly combined with a wide variety of styles
and is also the guarantor for the longevity of the grill – because this surface is insensitive to further corrosion and therefore absolutely weatherproof.

Grilling directly on the 10mm thick steel plate or on a grill grate (with and without attachment) even with wok or pan…to each his own!

Whether meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan: grilling allows all culinary varieties and enjoys great popularity at any time of year. That is why a barbecue is part of the basic equipment of a garden or a terrace. With a barbecue made of corten steel, you are choosing a particularly durable and stylish model that will delight you with numerous advantages.

Our corten steel garden grill:

  • is sustainable, durable and weather resistant due to a surface that is insensitive to corrosion
  • enables healthier grilling, as it is not necessary to grill directly over the fire
  • can be grilled all around, even for several people
  • allows simultaneous cooking of different grilled food due to several temperature zones
  • is an ideal eye-catcher – beautiful, decorative, timeless
  • can be wonderfully combined with different styles and fits harmoniously into any ambience – from romantic to modern
  • creates a great atmosphere and is THE focal point for a cozy evening with friends or family
  • is easy to care for, because it does not need to be covered / placed underneath
  • And: used as a fireplace, it brings it back to us – the campfire romance!!!

Of course, we also manufacture our exclusive garden grills here in Tyrol.

Loderfire fireplate – topseller

fun on fire fireplate

Cortenstahl-Gartengrill ohne Aufsatz mit Holzdeko

Interesting facts about corten steel, instructions for use and care.

Corten steel (trade name COR-TEN steel, also corten steel) is a weather-resistant structural steel.
…Corten steel forms a particularly dense barrier layer of firmly adhering sulfates or phosphates on the surface through weathering, under the actual rust layer, which protects the steel part from further corrosion. Due to its insensitivity to weathering and its characteristic patina, corten steel is also used for architectural accents, such as facade cladding … (Cf. Wikipedia)

The formation of the barrier layer and the patina of rust begins a few days after production, constantly renews and changes with time and weathering processes, and is only really complete after months/years. Unlike other building materials, however, corten steel does not suffer from this rusting – on the contrary, the barrier layer that has formed makes the steel extremely weather-resistant and insensitive to further corrosion.

The right substrate:
Even if the rust layer appears to be firmly adhered to the steel, corten steel can still leave rust stains.
Therefore, it is better not to place the garden grills and fire bowls directly on patio slabs or sensitive surfaces, but on suitable bases, substructures, on a bed of gravel or on the lawn.
Also pay attention to your clothing and it is best to wear gloves when setting up/replacing.

Proper firing:
We recommend seasoned, hard woods such as beech, oak or birch – they burn long and evenly, create a great atmosphere and give the food its typical smoky aroma.

Grill plate:
The generous steel plate offers plenty of grilling surface, can be grilled all around and develops different hot temperature zones: Hottest in the center, lower temperatures toward the outside. After the first/second time, you’ll get the hang of how much wood is needed to both sear the food hot and just keep it warm.
Before the grill can be used, the steel plate must be heated strongly once over several hours until an even, dark patina has formed on the entire plate. This serves to seal the surface, protects the fire plate from corrosion and rust, and also helps to prevent the food from burning or sticking.
During this process, the plate must be repeatedly rubbed with oil at regular intervals so that a light film of oil is constantly visible on the surface.
If oil runs into the center of the fireplace, a small flash fire may result.

At a glance:
1. burning in cleans the steel plate and removes production residues, but it does not hurt to wipe the plate briefly with a damp cloth beforehand
2. insert wood, burn on
3. when the steel plate is hot, rub it with high-heat cooking oil (see below)
4. keep the grill burning for several hours and make sure that the plate is hot.
5. in the meantime, continue to rub the steel plate with oil regularly.

If the grill is exposed to the weather/humidity for several days without being covered, light surface/flash rust will form on the grill plate. Simply go over it briefly with some steel wool and then rub in some oil – then everything is picobello again.
There are numerous videos on YouTube on how to burn in “grill steel plates”.

The right oil (burn-in and grilling):
Please make sure to use highly heatable cooking oil such as sunflower oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, coconut fat…and always put only a little of it on the plate – this is completely sufficient for the grilling process and it avoids excess fat dripping/running down.

Immediately after grilling – while the fire plate is still hot:
Simply push excess food residues into the fire with e.g. a spatula.
Lightly re-oil the steel plate right away to re-seal.
Our grills are low-maintenance and virtually maintenance-free.
You can leave the grill unprotected in the garden, or optionally provide it with a cover (please feel free to contact us if needed).


The grill plate may curl minimally concave/convex (due to heat from below), this is a normal process.

Please be aware of the heat generated by the grill and do not touch the outer walls or the steel plate – this is especially true for children.
Discoloration caused by adhering objects will disappear again by itself as the weathering process continues.
Color deviations cannot be avoided due to the individual weathering process and are only natural.
The fire plate made of 10mm thick steel may have slight patterns/scratches due to the production process. This will no longer be visible after baking.

Fascination barbecue – rather puristic, than high-tech.
Sustainability is very important to us – our grills do not have to be replaced every two years, but guarantee long-lasting grilling fun for special demands!

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